Trump Found a Mole In The White House..You Won’t Believe Who It Is!!!


In a normal situation after President Trump inauguration, we were all expected that Obama will retire from politics and left president Trump to do his job.

But nowadays it is very obvious that the former U.S. president Barack Obama is working behind the scenes and even after he’s gone, he’s still causing damage to our country.

President Donald Trump on Saturday accused “Obama people” of working “against our country” by leaking information to the news media about his telephone conversations with world leaders.

Trump also said his administration is searching very hard for the leakers, and the holdovers from the Obama administration still in his White House and National Security Council staff are being replaced.

My personal opinion is that the best way to deal with this is for National Security to expose all these leakers of classified information and fire them.

Even better, they need to be prosecuted according to rule of law, and then disposed of in public like the traitors they are. They should be tried for treason just as an example of just how vulnerable a mere government worker is when violations of National Security is involved.

Leaking classified information is a crime. Now it is proven that Obama and his supporters are Anti-Americans who are only doing damage to our country.

That’s why President Trump must take urgent measures and make all “Obama people” an example that we are not going to put up with people that are trying to bring down this country.


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I know that President Trump, won’t be just another cross the line and do nothing about these criminals.

The whole nation waits for him to take action because he is only one who can stop “Obama people” from tearing this country apart.

We now have a true LEADER who will stand against the enemies of the state and we will follow him!


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