Trump Signs A Monday Morning Executive Order That Will Change The Internet Forever

Donald Trump has spent more time battling the fake news mainstream media than he has running the country. He has no choice. As he says, they are so liefull and unfair that the American people are being lied to and it’s just not fair. This morning, Trump struck back at the heart of the liberal lying media with an executive order that will stop them from lying on their social media accounts. Executive order 2980G76823 states:

Whereas the internet was originally a United States military project, the executive branch will be the ruling body behind internet content in the United States. Heretofore the American media will be held accountable for the posting of “fake news” (as described below) for the purpose of discrediting the office of the President.

Such posts will be considered felonious and carry charges up to and including treason depending on severity of claims. “Fake news” that directly implicates the president of a crime will be immediately removed and the account of the perpetrator seized for evidence in court, which shall be held by military tribunal.

Take that, liberal “press.” All you have to do is tell the truth the way Donald Trump presents it to you and not some twisted “investigative theory” and all will be fine. The President has been found to be truthful in everything he says. He always speaks his mind. That means there’s no need to lie.

The addendum to the EO lists the definition of fake news as “any report that is contrary to that of the Office of Information and Propaganda or anything spoken directly from the mouth of the president.” Of course there are other fake news stories, but only denigrating the president will be considered a crime.

Maybe now he can on to the business of running this great country.


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