Republican Rep Blames Trump For Alexandria Shooting; Ignores Uptick In Leftist Violence


Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) had some pointed words for President Trump regarding the shooting at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia Wednesday.

According to a story in

Appearing on MSNBC show “Morning Joe” Thursday, Rep. Sanford reflected on the political environment of the present day, stating “there are forces at play I’ve never seen before in roughly the 20 years I’ve been involved in politics.”

And he believes the President is one of those forces:

“I would argue that the President is at least partially–not in any way totally–but partially to blame for demons that have been unleashed, whether it is what I saw at a senior center back home and people saying ‘f-you, f-you, and f-you’ to each other at a senior center, a retirement center and see each other play croquet the next day, or with what happened–not with what happened yesterday–but the fact you know, you’ve got the top guy saying, ‘Well, I wish I could hit you in the face. And if not, why don’t you and I’ll pay your legal fees.’ That’s bizarre, we ought to call it as such.”

Sanford isn’t the first to voice such a sentiment toward the President, but the words hold weight coming from within the party at a time partisan unity is key.


Demand that Rep. Mark Sanford Retract His Statement Blaming Trump for Alexandria Shooting

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