Plastic Surgery Addict Develops Painful Permanent Erection After Nose Job

Croatian stylist Neven Ciganovic, 45, was being filmed by the documentary crew when a reaction to the anaesthetic he was given during surgery triggered the agonising condition.

He said: ‘I was in Iran for rhinoplasty for the documentary film which is covering my life.’

Filming only took place during consultation sessions with Ciganovic’s doctor, not during the operation.

‘[During the surgery] I was given general anesthesia and I reacted badly to it,’ he said. 

According to Ciganovic, it was during the surgery that he was diagnosed with priapism.

Priapism is an unwanted, long-lasting and extremely painful erection that is not linked to sexual desire. 

If it is not treated within 24 hours, the penis can be permanently damaged, even leading to erectile dysfunction in some cases.

The reality TV star recovered in a hospital in Serbian capital Belgrade, but said he was refused painkillers despite being in agony.

He said during his stay there: ‘I’ve resided in Belgrade hospital since Friday. 

‘Unfortunately, I did not receive analgesics because they do not give them to patients here, so I continue to suffer.

‘I have to be at the hospital for a further five days.’

But Ciganovic said another operation has relieved him of his priapism, though he will not be back to normal for several months.

Ciganovic has had more than a dozen plastic surgery operations, including three on his nose and procedures on his lips, stomach and chin.

His body is covered with tattoos but he thinks the final nose operation – to correct a wonky septum – will be the one that improves his look enough to launch him into international stardom.

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