Sarah Palin’s Oldest Son Has Been Arrested For Domestic Abuse

Few politicians have been as polarizing as Sarah Palin. Her meteoric rise to fame was incredible, as were the attacks it elicited from the radical Left. Few women in politics have had to suffer such disgusting abuse from the media and public, but she did it with a smile on her face and willingness to dish it right back in their faces.

While her rise was remarkable, her decline has been as well, as her name no longer carries the kind of weight it did a few years ago, when she was still seen as a person that other politicians wanted support from. Through it all, Palin hasn’t been the only one in her family to garner the spotlight, as her daughter has made headlines for all the wrong reasons over the years, and now her oldest son has as well.

As reported at the New York Post, Track Palin was arrested Saturday after cops caught the 28-year-old in Wasilla, Alaska. He was charged with felony burglary, misdemeanor assault, and criminal mischief during a Sunday arraignment in state court, according to court documents.

Since the charges are of the felony variety, it implies that he may have injured someone during his burglary attempt. The documents available don’t give any indication of his attorney or bail status, nor does it mention how or if he has made a plea yet.

As of Sunday afternoon, he was still being held at the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility in Palmer, according to a state corrections department spokeswoman.

This isn’t Track’s first run-in with the law. In January 2016, he was arrested after his girlfriend accused him of punching her and pointing a gun at her during a domestic dispute. He ended up taking a plea deal and was only charged with possessing a firearm while intoxicated.

Then there’s an incident from 2014, where he supposedly was involved in a drunken brawl at a house party. However, no charges were ever brought against him for the incident.

Based on the evidence, it appears Track has a drinking problem and other issues. Hopefully, he’s held to account for whatever crimes he committed and sorts himself out.

Source: New York Post

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