Melania Trump’s Christmas Decorations Sends Special Message To Michelle Obama

Melania Trump is feistier than people give her credit for. The demure first lady used strategic Christmas decorations to dig at Michelle Obama.

You don’t have to be a keen-eyed observer to note that the White House’s Red Room is now decorated with bright, luscious displays of candy. Sound innocent? It is… until you remember that Michelle’s favorite pet project was the Let’s Move program, which eschewed sweets and promoted “healthy” eating for kids.

“Obama was famous for her healthy eating push over her time as the first lady. The Let’s Move campaign restricted calories for school lunches and pushed for healthier diets. Many of the rules put in place for school lunches have since been rolled back by the Trump administration,” the Daily Caller notes gleefully.

Obviously, the country would be healthier if its citizens subsisted on more vegetables and fruit and less junk food. However, that doesn’t give the government to dictate to what you put in your mouth.

Michelle Obama’s methods were too heavy-handed to be useful. She took treats out of public schools and stuffed student lunches with limp vegetables. Instead of producing healthier children, her program created new costs. Students dumped their healthy lunches into the trash.

Melania moves with a softer touch. Most of the rules imposed on school lunches by the Obama administration have already been dismantled. Candy is back at the White House.
Michelle wasn’t completely spiritless, but her holiday celebration lacked the fun attending Melania’s.

Regardless of who’s controlling the decorations, the White House looks stunning every year.

(Source: Daily Caller)

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