Mika Busted For Massive Lie In Middle Of Trigger-Induced Rant

Mika Brzezinski seems to have forgotten that she made a name for herself as a shill for the Democrats. MSNBC’s popular morning show host used her platform to pat herself on the back Tuesday for her supposed insight into Bill Clinton’s sexual depravity. In reality, she didn’t publicly condemn the Clintons until 2017 when hatred against them boiled over.

“As far as Kirsten Gillibrand is concerned, I think she is an incredible talent. I think that there’s a chance she might run for president someday, and I think I might support her. But she has to deal with her Clinton issue,” Brzezinski said.

“She has to address the cameras and answer the question as to what was the motivation behind her change of opinion about the Clintons because for me, for the ten years that I’ve been on this show, I have been extremely critical and concerned against the Clintons because of their abuse of women… I don’t know how your position could change on this, and I’d like to know about that process, and I’m sure there is a fair process.”

Brzezinski’s attack would have more force if it weren’t nonsense. She was as easy on the Clintons as every other liberal pundit.

However, I shouldn’t complain. Washington’s most corrupt family is finally facing consequences for their dirty actions. Some voters were deluded enough during the election to refer to Hillary as a “grandmotherly” figure. Clearly, the truth about the couple needs to be spread.

(Source: Daily Caller)

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